Why Choose to Volunteer Abroad in your Gap Year


Many young people find that they have close to a year after their high school graduation and when they join college during which they have nothing to do. Some will opt to get a head start in their academics by pursuing short courses that pertain to their career choice, while other will take advantage to enjoy a well deserved rest after all the grueling years of school. A smaller portion will however opt for a more philanthropic choice to their pursuits and seek volunteer opportunities abroad. There are several good reasons to decide to work as a volunteer abroad.

One key benefit for such young people is that it allows them to get a jumpstart on learning to live independently. For many going off to college will be their first experience in learning to live on their own. This change will seem less daunting if they have already had a more serious experience in living abroad without the support of their parents or guardians. They may even learn to carry out tasks for themselves they have never done before like laundry and cooking. Another top benefit is that working as a volunteer in Costa Rica will certainly help to boost their college applications. It demonstrates a spirit of independence, personal growth and initiative that many colleges appreciate in their students.

It is also a great way to remain active as you wait to join college. Lazing around at the beach or in front of the television at home gets boring after a while and will also make you physically unfit. Opting to work at an orphanage or on a construction project will help stimulate your mind and body. You can also learn new skills and meet new people. This kind of interaction can help those still deciding on career paths find what interests them most and pursue them.


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